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The Chef’s Table at Dawt Mill Resort grow most of their own herbs, edible flowers and vegetables.  All served back to you in an elegant environment tableside.


Comfort food abounds in Ozark County with The Antler Package and Pizza is both a sports bar and a family restaurant. Deb & Lou’s on the square in Gainesville serves breakfast and lunch southern style.   If you drive around in the county enough you will run into Planet Fried and Frozen Food Truck, they recently won an award for their BLT appetizer.  Then there's Cookie’s on the Lake in Theodosia and Just Jackie’s in Pontiac.


Head out to Rockbridge Trout Ranch and enjoy steak, smoked trout, great salads and homemade dessert in the atmosphere of the old mill.

If you catch it they will cook it for you!


There is no shortage of artists and craftsmen in Ozark County.  You will not find any chain stores or malls but you will find handmade items at almost every stop.  Even the local gas station may have some homemade items!  The Old Ford Market on the square in Gainesville is a great example, most of their items from jewelry to clothing and candles and many other forms of art is made by hand.  Another unique option on the square in Gainesville is the House of Angels and Christmas Corner, their items are not homemade, but they are unique for the holiday lover in all of us.  For the adventurous shopper, East Wind Community Inc. grows and sells their own nut butters and hemp sandals, call first to make sure the store is open (417) 679-4682 in Tecumseh.



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